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TGTC will be registering teams in both senior and junior competitions.

If you would like to play tennis in a team at TGTC, you must agree with the following terms and conditions.

  1. You confirm that you do not have an active registration with any other club

  2. You will pay the relevant membership and/or competition fee as determined by TGTC (available on Membership page)

  3. TGTC will endeavour to place you in a team of suitable playing standard.  Where this is not possible, TGTC will notify you in writing seven (7) days before close of nominations to allow sufficient time to locate an alternative team;

  4. TGTC will nominate teams, however, the final grading is determined by the governing body (such as Tennis SA or Eastern Districts Tennis Association). You acknowledge and agree that you will be bound by any determination;

  5. Your playing position in the team and club may vary and is dependent on TGTC’s order of merit.  This means you may be required to play in a higher or lower position which is dependent on your, and other player’s performance over the season.  A change of position may mean that you need to move between teams; and

  6. The TGTC club captain’s decision in regard to placement of players is final

  7. If you are nominating for a junior team, you acknowledge that it is an Eastern Districts Tennis Association requirement that all players in junior teams wear the club uniform. You agree to wear the club uniform.