Starting Matches on Time

Please ensure that early matches commence on time i.e. hits ups prior to 12.45 – first ball in play by 12.45.  This will ensure a smooth change over with late matches and allow their matches to be completed.  

Players should be present from 12.30 and on court by 12.40 – not arriving at 12.45 and commencing play 10 minutes later. 

Forfeits can be claimed if players are not prepared to start play at 12.45pm. i.e. 2 or 4 programmed matches (or 1 or 2 for extended) to be commenced with doubles played first - see full by-laws.  Forfeits cannot be claimed if a singles match can be played.  

Score Sheets

Please ensure that score sheets are filled out prior to the commencement of matches. 

Recording Results and Disputes

Your match should be recorded in Match Centre before 11.59 on the Monday after a match.  The first team to record the match – the second to then confirm or dispute the match.  If neither team records the match all points will be lost by both teams. Disputes will be managed by the Management committee.

If a name has been recorded as “Unspecified” you will have until Friday to advise the actual name to the EDTA Secretary.  After that time, if unadvised, the name will remain as “unspecified” and the actual person cannot be considered as having played for finals qualification purposes. 

Malcolm Winneke Trophy Voting

Please note that if your team does not award Winneke Vote(s) for the opposing team any votes awarded to your team by the opposition will be removed. If a vote is not recorded, your team will lose 1 (one) premiership point. If no player(s) is/are considered worthy of a vote N/A is acceptable as a vote.

These votes are to be recorded via the EDTA Website “EDTA Award Voting”.  Passwords for each team have been provided to all players via email.


SMS Match Results

All match results, including those unfinished or in progress, must be sent by SMS by the HOME team to the Secretary prior to 6.45 pm. on the day of the match by the Captain or his/her delegate. *Results not received will incur a penalty of 1 point to the home team.  Please SMS to 0417-822-839 only.  Progress results will be accepted if time is an issue for matches not yet completed at that time.

Heat Cancellations

If at 11:30 am, the maximum temperature for Adelaide is forecast to be 37 degrees or above on the Adelaide Forecast (to be obtained from the Bureau of Meteorology website all play will be cancelled. A link to this forecast will be made available on the Association website
If players are unable to access the internet, then the 12-noon news broadcast on MIX 102.3 FM or Five AA (1395 AM) will also provide the forecast.

Mobile Phones on Court
Please show courtesy to all players and ask your players to either turn off their mobiles or leave them in the club house, with a non-playing team member, or a friend.  Once play has commenced it should be continuous.


Black Listed Payers

Any club who knowingly plays a blacklisted player in a team shall forfeit the match for that team. Refer By-Law 5 (o)

By Laws
There is a printed copy of the EDTA By-laws in the club house. Click here for an electronic copy


Competition Questions

Please refer questions to the Senior Competition Officer Simon Turner M: 0417844320 e-mail: