Junior Finals Teams

Please note the following:

  1. Two new balls must be supplied by each team in each week of all finals

  2. Friday matches start at the usual time (there are no split times, matches are to be played to completion)

  3. Saturday matches commence at 8.30

  4. Two courts per match with doubles preferred to be played first

  5. Any team not prepared to start first programmed sets shall forfeit that set or sets

  6. If not prepared to start next programmed set(s) by 9.00 am that set and all subsequent sets if appropriate shall also be forfeited

  7. If a result is obtained before all sets are played matches should continue

  8. All matches to show a result with 5 sets played.  Any player who does not wish to continue should indicate they are forfeiting to the Supervisor.

  9. Any team not playing players in the order approved will be disqualified

  10. Unless a new player (either new approval or listed on approved nominations sheet) comes into the team in the next match, the order played in the semi-final will be the order played in the Grand Finals. Therefore, the order of play for both singles and doubles must be the same as for the semi-final

  11. Score sheets must be returned to the recorder no later than Sunday noon after the match, but preferably on Saturday.